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Alola! Next weekend we will be hosting our first ever tournament on Dawn!

This tournament it will be a 6v6 with only a single legendary. 

Please read the rules below before entering. Failure to follow these rules will result in a disqualification.

Please Note: If we do not have a minimum of 6 trainers we will be hosting a different event instead at the time the tournament will be taking place. 

Official Battle Rules:

Level Cap Set to 50
One Legendary per Team
Megas are allowed
You cannot change your team between battles of the tournament, but you are allowed to switch held items.
Species clause is enabled.
No nicknames on pokemon (pokecolor is ok as long as it is the name of the proper pokemon).
No using bag items (i.e revives, potions, x atk., etc.).

How it Will Work:

We will do rollcalls 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes and at starting time for players who want to participate. If you are one of those players who wants to participate, please say me in chat when rollcall is broadcasted in server chat. We will then add you to the bracket.

Once everyone has been added to the bracket after the final rollcall, we will broadcast the link to the bracket. Please click the link to find out who you are battling. Battles will be held at the volcano arena at spawn unless otherwise specified.
Once the battle is over please announce who won in chat so that the player can be moved on further into the bracket. If your opponent has logged off or is not responding please wait 10 minutes before telling an admin or I to move you on.


1st Place: $15 Coupon and 1 Kukui Keys
2nd Place: $10 and 1 Kukui Key
Semi-Finalists: 1 Kukui Key

If you have any question feel free to ask the staff or I!


Alola everyone!

This Sunday at 12 pm server time we'll be hosting a 4 way Mini Maze event! 

At each end of the maze there will a Legendary Bird up for grabs! All players will be given one master ball at the begining of the event and the first person to complete one of the mazes will get a $5 Donation Shop coupon.

Hope to see you there!

Alola everyone!

It's time for a much overdue update. I'd like to welcome all the new players. I can't believe how many players have joined us since we launched 2 weeks ago. It's been awesome!

Since this is a new server a lot of things are still in the works. We'll do our best to keep you updated on what's going on, but if there is a feature you think would be good for the server don't hesitate to share, we have a discord and a forum thread where you can voice your suggestions. :)

Recently Added:

Vote Shop You can now spend your vote points on cool in game items. More items coming soon!

Daily food kits: You can claim with /kit food

Trading Post in the forums for those of you looking for a specific Pokemon that may not be in the AH

Coming Soon:

- NPC Gyms  The first 8 gyms will be out in approximately one week. :D

Teams  More details coming soon.

Pokemon Challenges Coming in February

Top Voter Rewards. Coming in February


We'll be having a Legendary Bird Mini Maze this weekend(official date and time will be announced soon), and our first tournament two weeks from now. :) It will be 6v6, one legendary per team with a level cap. More details will be in the next post.

Also quick note about Boss Towers.

There is a bug that prevents these towers from spawning with spawners in them. I initially fixed them for a few players as they were found, but many of these had to be redone and several still need fixed. We also had an issue with several players trying to build and fake these towers. Because of this we aren't currently fixing any new Boss Towers. Once the issues have been sorted we will begin repairing them again. Thanks for understanding :)


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