Official Battle Rules:

-Level Cap Set to 50
-You may use only 1 type of Pokemon(dual typing is allowed)
-No Legendary Pokemon
-Megas are allowed
-You cannot change your team between battles of the tournament, but you are allowed to switch held items.
-Species clause is enabled.
-No nicknames on pokemon (pokecolor is ok as long as it is the name of the proper pokemon).
-No using bag items (i.e revives, potions, x atk., etc.).

Banned Moves:


What to do:

We will be doing four battles at a time as a single loss elimination. We will call you name in chat when it's your turn to battle, and you have 5 minutes to respond. The tournament will be held at the tournament warp( you can reach it with /warp tournament).

When doing the battle not everyone may not have pokemon above level 50 so to fix this you need to do battle rules.

To do battle rules you need to click on battle rules when you challenge another player. Next set the levels of the pokemon to level 50, so anything above that will be set to the correct level.