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Quick Update

By [Owner] LilBlackRabbit ao - Posted Feb 12, 18

Alola everyone!

We're a little overdue for an update on what's going on with the server so here are a few things coming out soon :D


We now have an events calander! It hasn't been added to the menu bar but you can visit it at http://  It currently has all the upcoming tournaments on it and we'll be adding non tournament events over the next day or so, so be sure to check in!

Valentines Event

This will be getting it's own post very soon but we'll be hosting an ice boat race event the Saturday after Valentine's Day :D

NPC Gyms

The final set of NPC gyms will be released this week and we will begin taking applications for player gyms shortly there after!
For those of you who have challenged the gyms your gyms badges will be able to be exchanged for prizes in the future so be sure to hold onto them! 

Voter Rewards

A few players have had missing votes for the vote point counter. If you notice you're missing a few and it's been more than a day since you've voted make a support ticket or contact LilBlackRabbit on Discord to make sure they're tracked for voter rewards this month

A Note on Spawn

I realize that spawn is extremely laggy for some players and I've read your suggestions. Pixelmon Generations is expected to get a big update to 1.12 towards the end of this month that should eliminate the lag problem, however if it continues to be an issue after the update we'll be changing spawn and moving things around. :)


The donor perk for weather was removed because it was set to rain so often that it lagged many players out. Normal weather is back on now though, so you'll be able to ressume catching Pokemon that only spawn in the rain like normal!


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