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Alola everyone!

The final set of the NPC Gyms have been released! This means NPC gyms are officially complete!

As I'm sure you've all noticed there are 3 sets of NPC gyms that can be found through /warps. Each set of gyms is progressively more challenging than the last set, and we suggeset you challenge them in order from 1-3. 

All the gym leaders give out a gym badge and prize money and can be challenged once per player. In the near future you'll be able to exchange your badges for prizes!  More details on that will be released later, so be sure to check in regularlly.

The release of the NPC gyms also marks the begining of player gyms. The next post will outline the details for what player gyms will entail along with how to apply and answers to some of the questions you guys might have!

Other Announcements:

-This weeks events will b e a Hide and Seek event on Saturday at 1600 tell time and a Standard 6v6 Tournament Sunday at 1600 tell time. Rules for the tournament can be found in the previous news post as well as at 

-Our fantastic build team is currently working on building Alolan Trials for the server. More detials on this later!

-The Valentine's Sale ended yesterday! This means all the bundles have been removed from the shop. You will also now be recieving a Lillie key with your purchases

If you have any questions please contact staff or myself!


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