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Player Gyms!

By [Owner] LilBlackRabbit ao - Posted Mar 7, 18

Alola everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we will finally be releasing player gyms this week!

Applications for gym leader are now open and players will be able to challenge player gyms starting Friday!

About the Player Gyms:

Player gyms have been one of our most highly suggested feautre so here it is!

Unlike the NPC gyms the new player gyms will be more for competitive battlers. It is highly recommended that you challenge and defeat all of the NPC gyms before challenging the player gyms as these teams are designed to be more difficult and will be run by actual players.

Each player gym will be dual typed! This along with legendary Pokemon being banned for both players and leaders is presented to give an additional challenge beyond the NPC gyms. The dual typing will include:



How they will work:

Gym leaders will announce in chat when their gyms are open and you will be able to take on the gym using the command /challenge <gym name>. You can see which gyms are open and who the leaders are using /gymlist.

You’ll be allowed to challenge one gym per day win or lose. When you win you will receive one of 8 badges(you can check them with /badges)

If you have challenged a gym when your challenge is accepted you’ll be automatically teleported to the arena. All battles will be held at /warp playergyms and players are invited to come see gym battles!

If you are able to defeat all 8 gyms you can contact LilBlackRabbit for your prize(to be announced later ;D).


-Neither players nor gym leaders will be permitted to use legendary Pokemon
-Neither players nor gym leaders will be permitted to use FEAR strat teams

-No bag items
-Substitute is banned until it is fixed

If you’re caught breaking any of the rules, the battled will be ended and you will have to wait 24 hours to challenge the gyms again.

How to apply:

Applications are open and can be found in the forums at the bottom! If you have any questions feel free to contact Cal4d2 in game or through discord. :D

Good luck challengers!


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