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By [Owner] LilBlackRabbit a - Posted Sep 13, 18

We’re excited to announce our new feature, PokeQuests!
[As well as an updated feature!]

What are they?

PokeQuests are books with a series of tasks given to the player! Each quest has a different set of tasks and you can enlist the help of other players to help you complete it! Keep in mind once the quest is assigned to you only you will be able to claim the prize

Quests can be sold on the AH, but only if they're owned by "none". Normal Quests will be available through the vote crates and this week’s freebie will be a set of quests!(It’ll be up in the store Friday September, 14)

4 levels of Quests

We’ll have 4 tiers of difficulty for quests, which determine how many and how difficult the tasks are!

Normal PokeQuest: 2-3 easy tasks
Super PokeQuest: 3-5 easy tasks
Hyper PokeQuest: 6-8 harder tasks
Master Pokequest: 8-10 very hard tasks



Prizes are subject to change as this is a new feature, but as of right now here are the prizes for each quest!


Normal PokeQuest: 16 rare candies & 8 Ultra Balls
Super PokeQuest: 64 rare candies & 1 Park Ball

Hyper PokeQuest: 64 rare candies & 1 Lillie Key
Master PokeQuest: 1 Kukui Key, 1 Alola Key, 1 Breeder Key

Other Update:

Auction house has been updated to a newer version.
-AH now logs Pokemon's nature

-AH feedback messages now tells you what the Pokemon/Item is
-AH tells you what item or Pokemon was purchased from you
-An error message is given when unintentionally swapping price & slot in /ah sell


As always if you have any questions feel free to ask myself of the staff!



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