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This weeks events!

By [Owner] LilBlackRabbit a - Posted Sep 26, 18

This week we'll be hosting a Tri Color Tournament!
The three types allowed in this tournament will be Ground, Electric, and Water!
If you're interested in joining this tournament be sure to watch in game an hour before the event for details on how to enter. The event will be held at /warp tournament.

-Only allowed Water/Ground/Electric Types
-6v6 -No Bag Items
-Species clause
-Baton Pass Clause
-1 legendary only
-Evasion Clause
-Sleep Clause
-Level Cap 100

Banned Pokemon:
-Any Pokemon that do not have Ground/Water/Electric in their typing
-Primal Groudon(Broken)
-Primal Kyogre(Broken)
Banned Abilities: 
-Arena Trap
-Shadow Tag
Banned Moves:
-Baton Pass
-Double Team
-Double Hit
-Shell Traps


1st Place:  $15 coupon + 1 Master Quest + 1 Unleashed Key
2nd Place: $10 coupon + 1 Master Quest + 1 Unleashed Key
3rd Place:  1 Master Quest + 1 Unleashed Key

As always if you have any questions feel free to ask staff or myself!

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